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How to cope with Christmas stress and anxiety
It’s that time of year again when we are inundated with images of the ‘perfect’ Christmas. From the John Lewis advert to TV shows and Christmas films, there is a huge pressure on us all to have an amazing Christmas. But what with planning the Christmas meal, the pressures of hosting, family dynamics, social events […]
What Is Attachment Theory?
Attachment theory is something I regularly incorporate into my work as a counsellor in Basingstoke and online. Most clients are unaware of what it really means, and some can be intimidated by the term, but attachment theory is nothing to be scared of. It is something we should embrace, such is its importance and value […]
How To Help Your Child Cope With Exam Stress
If you are a parent with a child aged anywhere between 16 and 21, you will know what June means: exams, and all the stress that comes with them. We’ve all sat exams, and we know how daunting they can be. A measure of anxiety is understandable and to be expected, but for many children, […]
How Many Counselling Sessions Should I Have?
During my time as a counsellor in Basingstoke, I have seen some clients stay with me for extremely long periods, while others only come for two or three sessions. No individual is the same, and everyone has slightly different needs. It could be that a few counselling sessions feel like enough if you are simply […]

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